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Passionate Breeders

We aim to breed healthy and beautiful French Bulldog puppies with emphasis on Health, Temperament and Structure making each and every one of our final customers enjoying their new babies from us

Breeding for Quality

Breeding selectively for quality, health, structure, longevity and temperament. All of these qualities are imperative to our breeding program

Room To Socialize

We reside in a 6-hectare property where there is room to roam and socialize making every puppy friendly to children and other pets


Health Guarantee

Health is our main concern and all come with a health certificate

Potty Trained

All our puppies are potty trained so no worries with outdoors tours


Best Temperament

Puppies are trained for a good temperament with kids and other pets

Welcome to Frenchie Bullies Family Home

In our Family French Bullies breeding program, we believe in QUALITY, not QUANTITY! That is to say; the more pups a breeder has the less time each dog gets (Plain common sense). Our adult FRENCH BULLDOGs are a part of our LIVES and family, not just pup incubators!

To us, it is about life’s enrichment when we place our puppies in GOOD and RESPONSIBLE Homes. It is always a pleasant experience to share our Bulldog passion with fellow French Bulldog breed lovers



“Happy & well-adjusted puppies come from happy & well-adjusted parents.”

Our French Bulldog Puppies have excellent pedigrees with lines of Riverwood, Hardwood, Del Castello Delle Rocche, and even Meistersinger, just to name a few, which implies quality puppies. Our puppies are socialized at an early age, which makes them outgoing, playful, loving, and charming. They are the talk of the area wherever they go. Always so sweet and wants to please their owner.


Our puppies come with AKC registration and we begin potty training at 5 weeks old and they are ready to leave by 8 -10 weeks of age. We train our puppies at home with kids and other home pets so they are very friendly and sociable. Do not hesitate to get your puppy from us as we offer the best and all puppies come with their papers.



We reside in a 6 acres property – where there is room to roam and socialize. We aim to breed healthy and beautiful FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPIES with an emphasis on Health, Temperament, and Structure. Breeding selectively for quality, health, structure, longevity, and temperament. All of these qualities are imperative to our breeding program.

Looking for a lovely Baby French Bulldog? Then you are in the right place, We are unique in offering the finest. This is our passion and we want to share it with the world!

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We want to show some appreciation for the puppy. What you said about the puppy is exactly what we are seeing so we shall do our utmost best to shower the puppy with extreme love.

Magdalene P.

Everyone who sees the puppy I got from you guys falls in love. My vet was extremely impressed with the care and the socialization that the puppy had received while living with Awesome German Shepherd home.
Adery M.

We love the little puppy we got from you! We had an awesome experience with this amazing family! They took the time to post pictures each week and answer any questions you might have.
Sanchez Vetline

Lucy is all settled in. She is a ball of energy!! She loved music lol so I leave a radio on when she is left alone and she seems to love that. She is completely a mommas dog lol. She loves to play and snuggle